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Ang Dios Gugma Catholic Ministries Inc. HistoryThe foundation which led to the conception of the “Ang Dios Gugma Catholic Ministries, Inc.” community was due to a man’s quest for peace, happiness, love and forgiveness.
Burdened and pressured with too many problems in life, he was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. His life was miserable as he experienced sleepless nights, coupled with nightmares and nervousness. He consulted quack doctors for cure but to no avail. His situation became worst until he made a decision to end his life.July 17-18, 1982 marked the conversion and the turning point of this person’s life when he attended a Spiritual Renewal in Leon, Iloilo. The renewal was sponsored by the St. Catherine Prayer Group. The “bug and kiss” of the Holy Spirit changed his life and brought into it a new meaning. The Lord opened this person’s mind about spiritual matters which led him to search for God’s Word and to read the Holy Bible seriously. In his thirst for the Word of the Lord, he joined various prayer groups which molded and formed him to what he is now.

On February 2, 1984, with the grace of God, a small community named “Ang Dios Gugma” was formed with Bro. Edwin A. Daulo as the founder and initiator. The said community was under the Holy Name of “Jesus Prayer Group” Arevalo, Iloilo City with Bro. Edwin’s immediate family as members as well as the Celina and Gepana families.

The Spirit of Jesus Christ moved the group to evangelize Jordan, Guimaras on the same year. But prior to that, the group prayed that they will be given a sign by healing Tatay Basilio Gepana, Sr. who was suffering from diabetes and who has a wound on his feet for almost 18 years which was slowly eaten by worms. As such, his condition was deteriorating. For 21 days of soaking prayer done by the group, Tatay Basilio got healed thus, opening the way for the Guimaras evangelization.

With the permission of Rev. Fr. Sergio Jamoyot, Parish Priest of Jordan, Guimaras, the group were allowed to conduct Prayer Meeting in the area. Later on that year, with the blessing given, the first Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) was given. It was followed by another LSS in the area thereby opening more communities in the Poblacion, Sanao and Morobuan, Guimaras. In the later part of 1985, the community in Jordan, Guimaras became “God is Love Prayer Group” registered with the Iloilo Catholic Charismatic Secretariat with Jose “Peping” Duran as the Coordinator.

In 1986, Bro. Anselmo Lacuesta and wife Sally, Chairman of Hiligaynon Seminar Ministry of ICCRS joined the community. In the same year, the founder and the Head Servant of the “Ang Dios Gugma”, Bro. Edwin A. Daulo, transferred his residence from Villa, Iloilo to Calaparan, Arevalo and was assigned to oversee the Calaparan Charismatic Group of the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Prayer Group.

In 1988, Rev. Fr. Danilo Carolino C.M, Parish Priest of the Lady of Miraculous Medal Parish, Calumpang, Molo Iloilo City ang the ICCRS approved that Bro. Anselmo Lacuesta should be the first Chairman/ Coordinator of the small community of “God is Love Prayer Group”.

On June 12,1991, the Provincial Capitol Community under Assumption Prayer Group joined the “God is Love Prayer Group”. In May 1993, the prayer House of the God is Love Prayer Group” was constructed in Zone 10, Calaparan, Arevalo, Iloilo City. And was blessed during its 4th Anniversary celebration.


The “God is Love Prayer Group” was officially changed to “Family of God is Love” in 1993. In that same year, the Provincial Capitol Chapter was made into a prayer group registered with the secretariat. The “God is Love Prayer Group” continued its mission of evangelization thus, opening communities in Quintin salas, Ungka II, Timawa and East Baluarte. In New Lucena, The group was also able to conduct Life in Spirit Seminarians three (3) barangay in Lambunao, Iloilo, namely Brgy. Bom0bon, Brgy. Da-an Banwa Brgy. Pajo. Later that year, the group had conducted LSS in Brgy. Dawis, Pototan Iloilo.


In September 1994, Bro. Edwin A. Daulo desired to have a radio program as the seed been planted in his heart to proclaim the Word of God through the tri-media evangelization. However, before making a final decision, he contemplated on it further sure that the inspiration really came from the Holy Spirit.


During the “World of Youth Day” and the visit of Pope John Paul II in Metro Manila in January 1995, Bro. Edwin and ADG youth members were given an opportunity to attend said occasion. When Pope John Paul II gave his message saying, “Tell the World of His Love,” Bro. Edwin felt a burning desire within him as the power of those words penetrated deep into his heart. This experience further intensified his desire to go into the radio ministry.


The above all occasion was followed by a three-day National Convention of Charismatic Renewal at the PICC, Manila of which Bro. Edwin was one of the participants. The Holy Mass was presided by the late Cardinal Sin, Cardinal Visal and various Archbishops. Cardinal Sin told the participate that he had just received the blessing from the Pope and he wanted to impart this blessing to them. Bro. Edwin was very fortunate and blessed to have received said impartation.


During the plenary session of the convention, there was a cell grouping activity. Various subject matters were given discussion. Bro. Edwin chose the subject matter of “evangelization.” Or his surpirce, almost all of the partcipants in the cell group that he joined had already a radio program ministry in their respective places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

This experience, prompted Bro. Edwin to finally make up his mind to venture into a radio evangilation ministry. Thus, on March 16.1995, bro Edwin had a maiden broadcast of his radio program named, “Ang Dios Gugma” over DYRP for a 30-minute time slot. This radio program lasted for one and one –half (1 ½) month only because DYRP stopped operation.

It was at this crossroad that Bro. Edwin was inspired by God to let of his job in government in exchange for a full time job of evangelization mission. Having served the government for twenty years. Bro. Edwin applied for an optional retirement effective August 01, 2001.


After his retirement, he devoted all his time service of the Lord and re-aligned the schedule of Activities of the community.


In 2006, the ADG community was able to get another 24 hours slot TV program at Channel 42 of Skycable thus, widening the scope of its evangelization program by reaching more televiewers.


The radio and television ministries and the full time of the Head Servant paved the way for the creation of more ADG outreaches in various towns in the City and Provice of Iloilo as well as in the Province of Negross Occidental, Capiz, Aklan, Antique.


On April 6, 2006, a preparatory School Known as the “Ang Dios Gugma catholic School, Inc.” was created which offerd Nursury and Kindergartten classes” The pupils were mostly pre-school children of families living in Calapran and Calumpang, Arevalo, Iloilo City. It started with 40 pupils paying 100 Pesos paying One Hundred Pesos (100) per month and with (3) teachers. It is registered with the SEC and has a license to operate a preparatory school from the Department of Education.


In 2010, the “Ang Dios Gumga Catholic Ministries Foundation, Inc.” was formed. The ADG foundation aimed to develop both the spiritual and physical well-being of individuals by proclaiming the Gospel of God and witnessing the Love of Jesus Christ through the tri-media evangelization in order to inculcate the true Catholic Faith and Christian values to people of all nations and to support, finance and sponsor the education of the poorest of the poor members of society who will be called “Scholars of Hope”.

Recently, the ADG community, with the blessing and endorsement of His Grace, Msgr. Angel N. Lagdameo, Archbishop of Jaro, was able to reach its evangelization program in Metro Manila to ares such as Makati, Marikina, Bulacan and Subic.


It is the dream of the community to put a media network throughout the world in order to strengthen the evangelization program of the community and the proclamation of the Gospel of God to people of all nations and to create a Christian community where love, faith and a Christ-centered way of life is practiced. With its present thrust of evangelization, the ADG Catholic Ministrues, Inc. hopes to make this dream a reality.