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My Story

I used to frequently attend prayer meetings but still, I could not let go of my worldly ways.

I stopped going to prayer meetings and that was when great trials were thrown back at me but I still hardened my heart. My siblings would ask me to attend prayer meetings but I did not listen. I thought, “How could they invite me when they cannot even invite their own family?”


Little did I know that it was not my siblings who were inviting me, it was Jesus. After that, God gave me something grave; first, my child’s ear was poked with a cotton bud stick, a wooden type. It ran all the way through my child’s ear and when he was admitted, the doctor warned that my child could become deaf but the stick was not removed immediately.


When I came to the hospital, our brethren here saw me and said, “Sis, what happened to your child?” I said, “His ear was poked with a cotton bud stick, he’s bleeding.” Our brethren advised me to pray and I said, “Yeah, I would.” However, when the stick was removed, my child did not become deaf. Despite that, I remained stubborn.


Another time, I got sick a lot, everyone, even my husband; still, I did not draw myself to God and at that time, March 15, my little sibling, a two-year old, tiny child got drowned when we celebrated my child’s birthday on the beach.


We did not notice that my sibling was already drowning, another child carried him and laid him ashore without doing anything and then that child just disappeared.


When that happened, all I could do was shout, “My Lord, my God, please save my sibling!” When I was calling out to God, really bad, my sibling started vomiting and when I really wanted him to be touched, I called on God to spare him. When I touched my sibling, he cried.


When my sibling started moving, we brought him to the hospital, we had no money, not one Peso, and we could not even buy a diaper at the doctor’s command.


Through the mercy of God, the nurses provided for us and God touched the heart of my Father’s Boss who gave him money to send us and when I kept on calling God, my sibling woke up and cried for Mama.


And because of our financial difficulty, we had to transfer to a public hospital where no doctor cared much about my sibling who was chilling with a fever that was more than 40 degrees, his eyes were all white.


When I came back to process a Philhealth claim, the lady staff ignored me; my 2 year old sibling was comatose for 6 hours, the nurses and the doctors were examining his feet which were so stiff already, he could not open his eyes anymore that they said we would lose our sibling.


Two of my sisters and I was running and crying, I said, “What are we to do now?” Then when I was sitting near an altar with saints, a Word came to me, “Do not fear, I am with you.”


A moment later, my cellphone rang, I got a call from my other sibling who asked about our little sibling. I told him about our little sibling’s situation and then he turned over the phone to our Parish Leader. I was asked… I claim that it was Jesus who spoke to me confirming my faith.


At that time, we had a pray-over only through the phone and I claim that it was really Jesus speaking with a voice so loud and I put the phone on loudspeaker, the people were staring at us and the nurses and when we kept on praying and I closed my eyes, I really did see the Cross of Jesus.


At that time, Jesus said, “Lazarus, come out!” And when he blew air, my little sibling woke up and cried so loud that he startled the nurses and the doctors. That was only because of Jesus! No medicine was used to heal my sibling.


Then when I decided to give a testimony over the radio about my comatose sibling healed by Jesus, the nurse and the doctor said that my sibling was dying and needed me, I told them, “You are just God’s creatures, it is God who battles with death because He wants to save His people!”


I carried on, after I testified, my sibling told me that our little sibling was already eating. I was awed, how could the dead eat?


Then my sibling asked me to bring them a Bible, when I opened it, I read, “I am the resurrection and the life” and the part where Jesus told Martha and Mary that He was the resurrection and the life, even the dead who have faith in Him will live and the living who have faith in Him will not die.


I really held on to these words, that my sibling will survive! Today, my sibling will be discharged from the hospital! And we don’t have to pay much because when I went to Philhealth again, my sibling shared that she performed warrior-praying in the morning before I left and that was my assurance.


Previously, I was ignored because I could not provide my sibling’s birth certificate. However, a male staff called me and helped me out. He instructed me to fill-out some forms and assured me that my sibling can avail of the claim.


At that moment, I was so thankful, “Lord, it is really You who works and accompanies me,” God really loves me, and I knew how much he loves me because what I asked for, He gave me. This is what I am grateful to the Lord for. Thank you very much.



Dear Lord, please help our family to be strong to all the trials that we encounter right now..touch my husband that he may realize his sins and change him to be a responsible and good father to our son.Give us good health and provide our daily needs

"Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls."

St. Mathew 11:28